Dalton Cornett


Dalton Scott Cornett is an Exhibition Baseball Player for the Savannah Bananas. He is from Pippa Passes, Kentucky. Dalton is known for being the "Best Smile in Baseball". I have a story  for another time, pertaining to the first time I met Mr.Cornett. 

Cornett was born on April 19,1998, he has been in love with and playing the game of baseball since he was a lad. His idols growing up were Babe Ruth and Jackie Robertson. Dalton is fluent in English and Spanish and now Lives in Downtown Savannah, Georgia. 

Dalton has learned how to master his craft over the years. He has put in his 1000 hours in learning the skillset to be a phenomenal Catcher, Third Baseman, and Right-fielder. He is 6 foot, 180 pounds (183cm, 81kg). 

Mr.Cornett started off his Professional Baseball Journey in Leslie County, than transferred to play for his Dad, Scott Cornett, at Knott County High School.

He was names All-American and signed with the University of Kentucky, but ultimately decided to stay home with his family. He played another season alongside his father at the Alice Lloyd College in his hometown. 

After a notorious few years, he left home and set off on becoming a Professional Baseball Player. He resided in Lexington, Kentucky with the Legend, then was traded to play in Colorado. 

After Colorado, he was drafted to play with the Savannah Bananas in 2022. He has played with the team for about a year now and from what I can tell, it has been a dream come true for my friend, Dalton. (John Stepp)

The Savannah Bananas is an exhibition team based out of Savannah, Georgia and they play out of Grayson Stadium.


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