DC3 Bat Company is prided on the fact that it is the TOP baseball brand in eastern Kentucky! Our goal to enable baseball players, of all levels, to create their own personalized, professional-grade, baseball equipment. 

At the early of 16, the founder, Dalton Cornett, along side his grandfather, made his very first bat, in a small town in eastern Kentucky. Together, they worked several days developing the “perfect” bat for Dalton to use. His love for baseball, and drive for success, harvested a desire to allow all baseball players to exhibit ownership and pride in what they pack on the field. Dalton grew up on the Alice Lloyd College campus, in Pippa Passes, KY, where his father is a baseball coach. Most of his days were spent on the baseball field there, and he actually went on to play there during his collegiate year. He is currently playing at the professional level, and utilizes these very same products daily. 

DC3 is represented by professional players around the world. Our website allows players to create their own personalized, unique baseball equipment. We offer the finest of wood, leather, and design capabilities. Only the finest materials are used in creating each individualized product. 

We are here to help strengthen your game, and aid you in expressing your talent and identity through what you pack on the field.